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Georgina, 59, is in her bathroom fixing her hair when she hears a knock on the door. It`s a bike messenger. He has a package for her. He asks if he can come in so she can sign for it. That`s odd. Why can`t she just sign for it at the door?

Because this is porn, and if he signs for it at the door, we don`t have a scene.

He gives Georgina the package and tells her to make sure everything`s inside. She opens the package. Undergarments and a dildo!

"Exactly what I want," Georgina says.

Well, not exactly what she wants. What she really wants is the bike messenger`s cock, which she strokes thru his pants.

"You can sign the form a lil' bit later," he says, and she takes out his cock and fellates it.

Georgina is divorced. She has kids. We couldn`t discover much about her because she doesn`t speak much English. We do know that she has lengthy puffies that are almost always erect. She likes romantic dates, such as going to restaurants and going for lengthy walks. She`s been in a few three-ways and enjoyed them. She masturbates every day. She has sex once or twice a week "because I do not have time to have it more often, but if I did, I would."

You know, the Czech Republic has become a breeding ground for young, sexy female porn stars. It`s good to know that the elder girls can keep up with them.

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